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We combine excellent technical skills, telematics, and business value additions within diverse domains. We have been able to deliver a wide range of innovative solutions to public sector as well as several private organisations in various industries such as Defence,Finance,Transportation,Banking,Insurance,Retail,Transport,Education,and Social .

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Who Are We?

VERSATALIA - A Journey Of Thousand miles…. .. ... ..
Versatalia was the Annual National Level Event organized by the students of PVG’s C.O.E.T, Pune. In 2008 a bunch of college friends came together to organize a national level event for their college and change its identity...more

Our Outstanding Products

Our Philosophy -
Personal Interactions, Professional Set Up and Industry Needs.


an effective tool to ensure social distance norms are well observed on work floor

Compete Prabodhoini Way

a portal to help students prepare for competitive exams. This compendium is designed for students 5th grade and above.


Our special solution ‘TrackMyTyre’ offers a dashboard view on Tyre health, kilometres driven, GPS location and overall cost management


This product is used for Geographic presence of vehicles, Geo-fencing, navigation, route optimization

iphone 2


One Platform, Data at once place, Different stake holders

Learn Prabodhini Way

One portal for teachers, students, and parents

Depot Management Services

holistic fleet management services.


a Smart & Safe school bus security solution using GPS and/or RFID

Easily Understandable & Customizable.

Walkthrough Videos & Demos

‘vProtect - Let's protect our employees’ is an effective tool to ensure social distance norms are well observed on work floor. This tool offers alerts, warnings and reports about social distancing violations. Click here to view the introductory video youtube